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About us

With our colours gold, red and black, combined with the Flower of Life, we are building on the liberal and democratic revolution of 1832 (Hambach Festival) and the  expression of civil disobedience at that time. We see ourselves in the spirit of this first awakening of democracy on German soil and - as in 1832 - are again putting the German colours "back on their feet" in the form of Gold-Red-Black. Now, as then, people want freedom from external dominance, oppression, exploitation, disempowerment and hegemonic power structures . The flower of life in our logo symbolises an expression of responsibility by all and for all within a harmonious system.

The non-profit organisation "Renewal Gold-Red-Black" aims at linking up regional groups, self-governing people and established corporate bodies that are creating alternatives and opportunities for a sovereign life with global and ecological awareness.


Combining the individually lived solutions under the lowest common denominator - in the decisions reached at the Alsfeld conferences - stimulates the exchange of life-changing information. It also helps the pooling of resources to create regional networks, which can develop  into autonomous communities capable of taking action. In this way real-life solutions leading to social transformation can be found.  The organisation sees itself as a provider of information, competence centre, lobby group and networking platform.

We established ourselves as a non-profit organisation in 2012 and have since then successfully conducted a number of events with several hundred participants. At the first major event on 9 November 2012, we developed the "Alsfeld decisions", focussing on the 13 central areas of social life. These were adopted in a directly democratic manner and form the basis and the vision of a new  model for tomorrow’s society. They also provide solutions for an actual new system that can be implemented immediately.

The "Alsfeld decisions" of 9 November 2012 were published on the organisation’s own website as well as on various internet channels and internet radio stations (sometimes live). At the same time, people in our country are interacting with us via our own forum and Facebook. Also, there have been discussions with viewers and listeners on internet media and Swiss private television. This live discussion between equals has provided us with numerous impulses and broadened and deepened ideas. "Renewal Gold-Red-Black" has been accepted by the people in the region. Only four weeks after our appeal, 23 regional groups had already been established. We see it as our task to support these groups, because it is from these regional activities that the vision of an actual renewal of the system will come alive.

Why Renewal Gold-Red-Black

Germany, Europe and many other countries are caught up in the worst crisis of the modern capitalist system and are profoundly affected by its impact. People, animals, nature and the environment are massively exploited, permanently damaged and often completely destroyed. The Western capitalist countries - with their military instrument NATO - keep waging war on so-called "troublemakers". An increasingly totalitarian EU focuses on the bailout of banks, and in a day-to-day exploitation of the population, more and more wealth is being transferred from the hard-working to the rich.


All this is happening against the explicit and declared will of the general public, without any democratic legitimacy, carried out by a compliant political ruling class which exclusively serves big capital, destroying the middle class, creating youth unemployment and poverty – and all with hardly any criticism from a seriously biased mainstream media.


With the healing of our country, we wish to give an impulse to the morphogenetic field for global healing and cordially invite alternative groups from other countries and nations to enter into dialogue with us, so as to create a future worth living for our planet, its people, animals and nature – something which is so urgently needed.


Our Goals

- to transform people’s longing for a better future into an overall vision, creating concrete and workable solutions

- to create a model of an actual reorganisation of society - in an open dialogue with the public, using direct democracy

- to be a catalyst for all people who are longing for a truly new beginning and to connect them with each other

- to deepen and discuss the proposed solutions in a dialogue with the grass roots, which we see as the movement’s central task

- to initiate a process of active awareness

- to work out practical solutions by discussing existing ideas and results with everyone involved

- to provide ideas and improve and concretise them in terms of their practicability and feasibility

- to connect people with each other, to build new community structures and also to show how many people are already on the way

- to take the discussion into each local area, in this way deepening and concretising  the"Alsfeld decisions" through discussion with the local people as well as implementing  the first solution models

- to connect people’s longing for change with the knowledge of the solution-oriented masterminds and pioneers of modern times


Breakup-Gold-Red-Black - the Alsfeld declaration from 9th November 2012


concerning 13 areas of human and social life


Germany and Europe and many other countries of the world are stuck in the worst crisis of the modern capitalist system and are profoundly affected by its impact.


People, animals, nature and environment are exploited massively, effectively dammaged and often completely destroyed.


With their NATO militarism instrument The Western capitalist states cover so-called "troublemakers" with war.


Through the illegal use of uranium weapons they make entire regions in fact uninhabitable for thousands of years.


Meanwhile especially the increasingly totalitarian EU states and the USA "save" banks and high finance and transfer in an everyday exploitation of people more and more wealth from the hardworking to the rich.


This all is executed by a compliant political ruling class, which only runs the business of big money and big business, and against the explicit will of the people and without democratic legitimation f. e. through referendums.


They destroy the middle class, cause the worst youth unemployment and exploits the countries in favor of high finance - accompanied and cheered by corporate media.


We Germans want to live in peace with all countries and condemn the participation of German troops in the Western wars of aggression. Due to the geopolitical situation and in light of the common history and considering the importance of the country as a European neighbor good and friendly relations with Russia are of particular importance for us.


On 9 November 2012 in Alsfeld (Germany) representatives of completely different political, ideological, religious, and social groups came together to discuss in 13 sections a political alternative to the ruling system in Germany.


The aim was to formulate a vision for an actual order in Germany of a human, ecological, peaceful and really (basic) democratic Germany. In a subsequent vote in plenary an alternative was overwhelmingly adopted and thus a democratic answer was given to the failure of the policy, the political actors and parties in all aspects of their system.


Driven by the will to reorient all policy, to really create our future and that of our children and grandchildren, a sustainable and respectful interaction with nature and all living beings, and inspired by male and female spiritual energies the decaying capitalist system, the EU fascist dictatorship and the complicity in wars of aggression has been clearly rejected in great unanimity.


Through the healing of our country we want to give an impulse into the great field of healing and invite alternative groups from other countries and nations sincerely to dialogue on the much-needed creation of a better future for our planet and its people, animals and nature.







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